St Columba's: A school with soul.

Over 111 years of education experience and excellence, St Columba's Primary Education is focussed on providing your child with holistic education experience designed to celebrate each child as an individual. St Columba’s blend of excellent academics, along with sport, culture, community, social and Christian participation enables every child to explore, develop and grow.

St Columba's Primary School

Equipping students to thrive in an extraordinary world, takes an extraordinary approach to education in which depth of experience, an excellence in education history and a passion for innovative, student centric learning blends seamlessly with both the St Columba’s at school education program and the St Columba’s Online education program.

St Columba’s ability to adapt the CAP’s curriculum content to modern learning techniques ensures our students are engaged and excited to learn while the depth of experience, both
Engaging modern children in academic subjects requires a blend of experienced teachers, exciting material and a curious, collaborative approach to learning. The St Columba’s CAPs curriculum has been designed to prepare students for real-world challenges by instilling a range of practices, life skills and evergreen learning methodologies that energise individual student’s natural thirst for knowledge.
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