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Welcome to the St Columba’s Pre-Primary School, a space where your child is celebrated as an individual. Every activity in your child’s action-packed day is learning-directed and empowers your child to develop a range of fundamental skills. Our Junior Primary teachers work closely with the Pre-Primary to ensure that your child is not only school-ready from an academic perspective, but also socially, physically and emotionally prepared for the exciting step to “Big School”.

Quality Pre-Primary Since 1909

St Columba’s has been offering Pre-Primary School children a holistic, exciting education for over 113 years. Our passion for supporting children in their development through the critical early years of schooling is evident in the hundreds of young students who have successfully graduated from our school and gone on to become successful primary school students, high school students, university students and adults.
At St Columba’s we believe that the early years of a child’s development are just as important as their Primary and High School journey. As a result, our teachers are qualified and experienced in helping your child to develop their talents and become the wonderful individuals they were born to be.
Working closely with the Grade 1 and Grade 2 Primary school teachers, the St Columba’s Primary school team include developmental aspects in every aspect of the school day.

Painting, Arts and Craft

Our highly resourced Pre-Primary is stocked with a range of delightful arts and crafts supplies, from painting to box-construction to collages, our students engage in a wide range of art activities which helps them to develop the fine motor skills necessary for writing and math in their academic careers.

Sand Pit Time

The Sand Pit is one of the most important educational spaces for our Pre-School students because our students learn structural concepts which help later with Geometry, Steam, Science Principles and even Geography studies. In addition the Sand Pit is often the social hub of the playground, where children work together to achieve creative goals.

Jungle Gyms, Bikes, Gardening and Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a very important part of every day at the St Columba’s Pre-Primary. Our beautiful jungle gyms and gorgeous racetrack and bus station is a hive of activity. The learning purpose behind outdoor activities include problem solving, gross motor skills which are important for sport development in later years and critical general knowledge. Our gorgeous vegetable garden teaches our children about basic biology and science principles, the racetrack teaches general road etiquette, right and left identification and special awareness.

Story Time

Reading literacy is the most important skill for any student of any age, and studies show that a love of reading begins in the very early years of a child’s development. A restful reading time just before the end of the day teaches children to associate reading with relaxation. Story time also helps children to develop language skills, creativity and comprehension skills, all critical for the development of English, Afrikaans and Zulu studies later in life.

News Time

As part of the school week, children are encouraged to share news from their lives within a circle of their peers. This develops logical, sequential thinking and the ability for your child to express themselves in a group, both of which are critical skills for their development in English, Afrikaans and Zulu.

Fantasy Play

St Columba’s has a delightful range of fantasy play elements tucked into each classroom which are regularly rotated. Children are encouraged to enjoy these sections of the classroom at any time where they develop a range of life skills and social interaction skills.


Music is integrated into a range of activities at the St Columba’s Pre-Primary where our teachers sometimes play piano while students work, or students engage in a wide range of musical activities. The incorporation of music into our Pre-Primary curriculum encourages skills that are associated with math, science and cultural activities

Culture and Discipline

The Pre-Primary school culture is one of understanding and care with a child-centric view in all we do. That said, little ones do need to learn how to be a part of the St Columba’s Pre-Primary community which does, occasionally require correction.
Our philosophy is always restorative correction in which the relationship with the child and the child’s dignity is upheld at all times. Should there be a corrective incident, our team will discuss the circumstances with you so that you are aware of your child’s behaviour.
In addition, the St Columba’s onsite psychologist is available to support our teaching staff with complex child behaviours as well as to support your child should there be a need.

School Fees

Grade R

Turning 6

Cost/Month:    R   3 745
Cost/Year:       R 44 940
+ R150 Development Fee

Grade 0

Turning 5

Cost/Month:    R   3 210
Cost/Year:       R 38 520
+ R150 Development Fee

Grade 00

Turning 4

Cost/Month:    R   2 675
Cost/Year:       R 32 100
+ R150 Development Fee

Grade 000

Turning 3

Cost/Month:    R   2 675
Cost/Year:       R 32 100
+ R150 Development Fee
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your school day?

From 8 am – 12:30 pm.

Is there an After-Care facility?

Yes, there is. Please email us for more details.

What time must children be dropped off?

Children need to be dropped off by 8 am daily.

How many children are in each class?

We keep our classes small so you can expect between 18 and 24.

What do the school fees include?

Stationery, art supplies, books, outings, movement class, class music, eye, occupational and speech screening.

Are extra mural activities available?

Yes we have several extra murals available at additional cost.

Does my child need to be assessed before joining the St Columba’s Pre-Primary?

Yes, a screening will be done for Grade 0 and Grade R.

Do I need to re-apply to St Columba’s for Grade 1?

No children enrolled at the pre-primary are automatically accepted into Grade 1.

Are Pre-Primary children required to wear a uniform?

Grade R children wear the P.E. Uniform.
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