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 Providing students with a healthy balance of academia, sport, cultural, community and social engagement is the driving objective at St Columba‚Äôs.

A healthy social life gifts your child with a wide range of benefits which include:

Communication skills development

Online communication such as emails and texting creates an unrealistic communication platform in which both communicators have a great deal of time to craft their message. Face to face social interactions develop the skill of being able to share ideas and react immediately to the response received on those ideas.

Social relationship development

The ability to successfully interact, influence and accommodate others is a lifelong skill that determines the relational health of students far into the future. Social interaction ensures that your child is exposed to a wide range of personalities which will help them to develop social flexibility, resilience, and social courage.

Conflict management

Although few people enjoy conflict, the reality of living in society with others is that differences of opinion will arise. Ensuring your child has exposure to a diverse community of peers empowers them to develop critical conflict management skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

Building friendship

Friendship offers your child a special bond with peers that builds self-esteem, helps your child to feel understood and cared for by someone who is not in authority, and creates a peer community that is vital to healthy development.

Apart from an array of fun interactive days throughout the school year, St Columba's engages in 2 Fun Days each year.

Water Fun Day

Water Fun Day is a wonderful opportunity for children to interact and play in a day full of water fun.

Grade 7 Fun Day

The Grade 7 Fun Day starts with Mass and is followed by a day of stalls, market elements and fun activities. All proceeds from this day are donated to the Avril Elizabeth Home.
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