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St Columba’s Primary School is centered around helping your child to develop their potential in whatever sphere that potential may reside. Our highly trained and exceptionally experienced education team, work in partnership with your child, and you as their parents and, where required, a team of education and child specialists to ensure that your child receives the best possible education while developing sporting, culture and social skills.

A Passion for Christian Education Since 1909

St Columba’s has been providing Primary school children with a quality, cohesive and holistic Catholic education since 1909. Our ethos of Veritas or Truth guides each decision we make with regards to education, sport, culture and social activities. With deep Christian Education roots, St Columba’s provides a safe, child-centric environment in which your child can develop his or her potential.
The St Columba’s Primary school education team is an enthusiastic, experienced and passionate powerhouse of highly trained and experienced educators. We believe in empowering each student to find and hone their individual strengths while working together to improve areas that may be a challenge.

Junior Primary

With an exciting array of sport, culture, social and religious activities planned for each week, our Junior Primary students benefit from a fulfilling and exciting CAPS led curriculum that builds key knowledge and academic skills necessary for a successful Senior Primary experience.

Wide Range Of Teaching Tools

Building a child’s confidence in critical literacies such as language and number literacy is the cornerstone of the work we do. Teachers incorporate a wide range of teaching tools including interactive white boards, class room activities and outdoor activities to help children gain perspective and self-belief in their own abilities.

Children Experience Integrated Technology

Integrating technology meaningfully into our syllabus means children in the Junior Primary phase at St Columba’s have experience with a variety of computer programs including KID PIX, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Specific Technology lessons are taught through the use of LEGO kits, making the lesson content interesting, practical and relatable.

St Columba's is a Catholic School

As St Columba’s is a Catholic school, students attend Mass weekly, with each class having an opportunity to prepare the Masses. The children in Grade 4 are prepared for their First Holy Communion which takes place at the end of their Grade 4 year.

We have An Extensive Curriculum

Music, Art and Speech and Drama are an important part of our curriculum with School concerts and musical evenings being held every alternate year. Students are also involved in Choral verse and Choir competitions. Sporting and Cultural activities are encouraged.
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In a world where children must cope with a range of pressures empowering your child with resilience is a key objective at St Columba’s. The personal growth and confidence of every student is paramount to the St Columba’s Senior Primary curriculum. Students are exposed to a variety of exciting experiences which provide a holistic education as we work to develop well-rounded scholars.

Senior Primary

Senior Primary at St Columba’s are the years in which our extensively experienced team of teachers strive to develop each child’s academic, sporting and cultural aptitudes in a nurturing and caring environment.

CAPS Based Academic Curriculum

In the Senior Primary, the pupils learn study skills and how to apply and extend the skills they have mastered. The CAPS based academic curriculum includes English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Science, Geography and History. Subjects like Art, Zulu, Religious Education, Physical Education, Drama, Music, Computers and Business Education (for Grade 7).
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Developing For High School

Key to everything we do at St Columba’s Primary is the preparation of students for high school. We believe that skills development combined with positive education experiences results in a confident child ready to take on the rigorous of high school.

Culture and Discipline

The St Columba’s Primary school culture is an empowering space where children are supported as they work towards goals and develop skills and understanding. The St Columba’s Catholic ethos guides each teacher as they work with your child through the challenges of Primary school development.
In terms of discipline, our philosophy is always restorative correction in which the relationship with the child and the child’s dignity is upheld at all times. Should there be a corrective incident, our team will discuss the circumstances with you so that you are aware of your child’s behaviour and the steps taken with your child.
In addition, the St Columba’s onsite psychologist is available to support our teaching staff with complex child behaviours as well as to support your child should there be a need.

School Fees

Grade 1

Turning 7

Cost/Month:    R   5 724.50
Cost/Year:       R 68 694.00
+ R150 Development Fee

Grade 2

Turning 8

Cost/Month: R 5 724.50
Cost/Year: R 68 694.00
+ R150 Development Fee

Grade 3

Turning 9

Cost/Month: R 5 724.50
Cost/Year: R 68 694.00
+ R150 Development Fee

Grade 4

Turning 10

Cost/Month: R 5 724.50
Cost/Year: R 68 694.00
+ R150 Development Fee

Grade 5

Turning 11

Cost/Month: R 5 724.50
Cost/Year: R 68 694.00
+ R150 Development Fee

Grade 6

Turning 12

Cost/Month: R 5 724.50
Cost/Year: R 68 694.00
+ R150 Development Fee

Grade 7

Turning 13

Cost/Month:    R   6 201.54
Cost/Year:       R 74 418.50
+ R150 Development Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your school day?

From 8 am – 12:30 pm.

Is there an After-Care facility?

Yes, our aftercare facility provides a warm and fun environment for your child to relax in and includes supervised homework.

What time must children be dropped off?

Children can be dropped off from 7am, with the day officially starting at 7:25am

How many children are in each class?

The teacher student ratio at St Columba’s is within the range of 18 to 24 students to 1 teacher. This enables us to engage with your child on a one-on-one basis while allowing for quality classroom dynamics.

What do the school fees include?

Primary school fees include stationery, art supplies, books, sport, cultural, some social events, eye, occupational and speech screening.

Are child assessments included in the school fees?

Yes, the following assessments are included in the school fees:
- Eye screening
- Educational Assessments

Are extra mural activities available?

Yes, over and above the complimentary sport and culture activities, a range of elective activities are available at an additional fee.

Does my child need to be assessed before joining the St Columba’s Pre-Primary?

St Columba’s does a screening assessment on all students applying to join our Primary school. This enables our team to assess your child’s academic and emotional maturity so that we can bridge any gaps should your child be invited to join St Columba’s Primary.

Do I need to re-apply to St Columba’s for Grade 8?

Yes, your child must apply to be a part of the St Columba’s College. You will not need to pay the admission fee for Grade 8 if you have been part of St Columba’s Primary School.

What are the term dates

St Columba’s follows a 3-term school diary. The dates for 2023 are as follows:
Term 1:
Start Wednesday 17th of January: Close 11th April
Mid-Term: Thursday 22nd February- Tuesday 27th February
Term 2:
Start Tuesday 7th May: Close Thursday 8th August
Mid-Term: Friday 28 June- Monday 8 July
Term 3:
Start Wednesday 4th September: Close Thursday 5 December
Mid-Term: Thursday 24th October- Tuesday 29th October
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