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St Columba's College

Welcome to St Columba’s College, an exciting, engaging education experience where each student is given the opportunity to develop the key skills, qualities, and aptitudes they need to become highly functioning adults.

 With a CAPS curriculum, sport, culture and social activities, St Columba’s College students enjoy a full and holistic education experience where they are challenged to achieve in all aspects of life while learning to balance challenges and expectations.

Our Catholic ethos guides every decision and provides deep and firm roots for the growth of everyone at St Columba’s College.
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Over 113 Years of Quality Education Experience

The newly founded St Columba’s College benefits from over 113 years of education background and over 100 years of combined teaching experience from the highly qualified and experienced education team who are not only passionate about High School education but also firm believers in the infinite potential of every single student.

Why St Columba's College

St Columba’s College offers small classes with experienced, qualified teachers that are SACE registered ensuring your child benefits from fantastic education in this critical foundational phase of high school.
Our teachers are up-to-date with educational trends and spend a great deal of time researching and preparing lessons to the highest standards. Our classrooms are well-resourced with a blend of technology and traditional education equipment and are conducive to a healthy learning environment.
Most importantly, your child receives individual attention and learning assistance so that he or she firmly grasps the critical concepts taught in high school.

St Columba's College Curriculum

St Columba’s works within the IEB curriculum which provides St Columba’s College students with an exciting array of subjects designed to prepare them for further study after school or the workplace.
As a Grade 8 and 9 student, your child will participate in a wide range of subjects which include:
English Home Language
Afrikaans First Additional Language
Life Orientation
Natural Science
EMS - Business Studies & Accounting
Social Sciences - History and Geography
Creative Arts
Religious Education

St Columba's College Sport

St Columba’s has a proud tradition of sport participation in a wide variety of disciplines. Our sporting philosophy is based on empowering each child to try new things and to do their very best. To this end a range of individual and select sport opportunities are available to our students.
Sport available to Grade 8 students in 2024 includes:
A range of team sports will be introduced in 2024.

St Columba's College Culture

St Columba’s offers our College students a variety of opportunities to participate in cultural activities. The objective of all of our cultural activities is to equip our students with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the arts. To this end a variety of cultural opportunities are made available to our students.
As a Grade 8 and 9 student, your child will participate in a wide range of cultural activities which include:
Speech and Drama
Additional Drama - Optional
Additional Art - Optional
Additional Music - Optional
Photography - Optional
Debating - Optional
Chess - Optional
Public Speaking - Optional

Culture and Discipline

High School is a time when children begin to develop their own identity apart from their immediate family. It is important to the St Columba’s College team that we provide students with a range of safe spaces in which to develop this identity. Where it is in sport, culture, technology or community service, the St Columba’s College students are mentored through the demands of High School by a caring team who focus on the individual child first and foremost and then on their performance.

Restorative discipline is upheld through the Catholic Schools body in which the dignity and the relationship with the child is prioritized. While St Columba’s College believes in the importance of the individual, belonging to a community bigger than oneself is equally important in creating a sense of self-worth, responsibility and ultimately a realistic worldview. St Columba’s College traditions provide a sense of identity and comradery for students.

Admission Fees

Grade 8

2024 Admissions

Cost/Month:    R   6 583.33
Cost/Year:       R 79 000.00

Grade 9

2025 Admissions

Cost/Month:    R   7 301
Cost/Year:       R 87 615

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between IEB and CAPS?

The IEB (Independent Examinations Board) is an independent assessment agency with the authority to administer examinations to a wide range of client schools. They use the same CAPS curriculum as the Department of Education but incorporate more advanced teaching and learning strategies. These allow students to engage with the content on a more advanced level, thus developing valuable skills such as problem solving, conceptualizing, critical thought and reasoning. This approach has always been adopted in our Primary School.

Which exam will St Columba’s Students write in Matric?

The Grade 12 St Columba’s College students will write an Independent Matric.

How many children are in each class?

The teacher student ratio at St Columba’s College is 20 to 1 teacher at most. This enables our education team to give each child the individual attention they need while empowering healthy social and classroom dynamics.

What do the school fees include?

The school fees include the quality St Columba’s College education, sport and cultural activities.

Will my child need their own electronic device?

Yes, they will need to have their own electronic device as they do in Grade 7. We would suggest a laptop.

How long is your school day?

St Columba’s College students start their day at 7:15 and finish at 14:00.

Are child assessments included in the school fees?

At College level, assessments are not included in the school fees.

Are extra mural activities available?

Yes, St Columba’s offers an array of sport and cultural activities.

Does my child need to be assessed before joining the St Columba’s College?

Yes, St Columba’s College conducts an assessment of your child’s academic abilities as well as information from his or her current school with regards behavior. Each child also has an interview with the principal.

Do I need to re-apply to St Columba’s College for Grade 8 if my child is already attending St Columba’s Preparatory?

No, you will not need to re-apply for your child to attend St Columba’s College, however each child will undergo an interview with the principal.

Is the St Columba’s College Uniform different to the St Columba’s Preparatory school?

Yes, the St Columba’s College uniform is different with the exception of the braided blazers.

What are the term dates?

The term dates for 2024 are as follows:
Term 1:

Start Wednesday 17th of January: Close 11th April
Mid-Term: Thursday 22nd February- Tuesday 27th February
Term 2:
Start Tuesday 7th May: Close Thursday 8th August
Mid-Term: Friday 28 June- Monday 8 July
Term 3:

Start Wednesday 4th September: Close Thursday 5 December
Mid-Term: Thursday 24th October- Tuesday 29th October

How do I apply

To apply click on the application link at the bottom of the page fill in the form and choose Grade 8 for 2024. Alternatively, you are welcome to book a school tour and pick up application forms from our reception.
011 421 3057  |  011 421 5027  |   107 Howard Ave, Benoni, 1501 P.O. Box 17224, Benoni West, 1503
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